What is black hat SEO How it kills business


What is black hat SEO How it kills business

What is black hat SEO?

Black hat SEO refers to the use of such methods to lift the search results on a site or web sites by violating the terms of service in the search system. Why would someone go against the search engines you would think? Well, black hat SEOs use these SEO techniques because they can have a positive impact on search results of a company or domain, while Google and other search engines do not consent to them. Many people who practice black hair SEO know that they disobey the search engines, but they still use them since they see fast results.

What are its tactics?

 Buying links  links are among the top two ranking factors in the Google guidelines and have great quality, enormous backlink profile, play an important role in the search results on a site. Even so, you do not buy backlinks from companies to your website and should never buy links in general. Google has guidelines about the identification of bought links, and the platform may be penalised if it discovers out you buy backlinks.

Hiding the text- White text on a white backdrop, so the user couldn't see it, but search engines will read it. This also includes the consumer who stuffs keywords. This is a mask, another black hat SEO activity, that a website is knowingly modified so that the information shown to search engines is different from that given to the client. Only an efficient SEO specialist could take their site to the next level.

Stuffing keywords-You use several of your chosen keywords to inject into the text on a particular website so that the language seems unnatural. This is when a single text page goes from simply read and understandable, to confusing, impossible to interpret, and difficult to comprehend because of repetitive keywords. Search engines need to provide consumers with material that is useful to them and address their questions. Meaning that site duplication that lacks relevance and simply frequently refers to the keywords without supplying the reader with meaning does not help search engines achieve their objective of presenting users with the highest quality outcomes or allows users to find the knowledge they need.


Cloaking-It is the strategy to strive to build something more on the website than the real material to reach a higher traffic number. The Googlebot is given a collection of contents to trawl through (such as an HTML text page) and a totally distinct content is presented to the Google users (such as an image page). Be frank with search engines or suffer any consequences as this tool is a clear violation of Google's webmaster directives.

Doorway pages-In black hat SEO another trick used to fool a search engine user is to click a response by showing a keyword optimised page for the google search, and automatically forward it to a totally opposite page from that result. Then the user either sees several results leading to only one destination or comes to an end page entirely unrelated to his initial search. Because this offers the search engine user a low level of experience, the use of pages is yet another focus of Google's hit list. To help Google identify, understand and define your SEO is such a diverse and fast-changing environment. When Google continues to over-smart practicers, new tactics produced in response must eventually take place. However, you must be confident that Google and other search engines dedicate themselves to providing the most valuable results for their users and that they will continue to penalise those who are trying to disrupt them.

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