Top SEO KPIs for reports and how effective they are


Top SEO KPIs for reports and how effective they are

As a marketer, you might provide SEO Key Performance Indicator results in multiple pages of demographics bloated with graphs and numbers.

It could be different when you are a client of an experienced marketing team. Experience in making a site rank on top can only be acquired through training with real-time projects under professionals.

Making informative yet engaging SEO reports are much more complicated - in which you could become a master by training in the best digital marketing institute Kochi. An SEO report usually includes everything a marketer finds as the content performance insight.

Time on site, bounce rates, reactions, Google Analytics, and more come under the list. Everything sprinkled in that sheet of insights is done to satisfy and impress the client by making a statement of the hard work you do for them.

Straightforward, anyone who has a little amount of digital knowledge knows that much of this information will be useless from a client-side of view. However, it does not mean that all those information is useless - but they are not the way to impress your clients.

The major thing you have to get from all these words is to make the SEO report in a way that anyone understands. Take the data from insights and graphs - then create a different and simplified set of infographics and demographics.

UBL Academy is a major SEO training institute Kerala offers for you. With us, you learn in and out of digital marketing along with effective SEO report creation. Let’s go a little more deeply into the matter for more understanding.

What is KPI?

Key Performance Indicators are insights that help you understand the performance of marketing strategies adopted by the marketing team. They're useful tools for making decisions and demonstrating the value of your marketing investments. As a result, after creating and implementing a marketing strategy, the last stage is to assess its effectiveness.

Additionally, tracking marketing KPIs is essential for fine-tuning business marketing strategies. Therefore, using the correct marketing KPIs helps you not just to assess the efficacy of the marketing strategies, but also to implement your plan as needed.

Offering an effective SEO report using major KPIs

Tracking and analyzing your data may reveal just what is effective, what isn't, and whether you would modify a website to become even better outcomes. Google Analytics, for example, provides you with access to much more information than you'll ever expect to grasp.

However, the KPI you should use for SEO reporting is determined by the type of website, company model, and goals your client wants to accomplish. In this post, we'll look at the finest website KPIs to include in SEO reports to make them more creative, easy, and helpful.

You could use several effective KPI tools for any website. However, choose the KPI for the report according to how effective and valuable they will be for anyone who uses the SEO report.

Website views and clicks

Ranking your website through effective SEO is imperative to make it rank on the first page of the Google SERP. It leads to website click and one such click could lead to any of the valuable consumer activity including content interaction, business contact, research, and more.

Include the data about website clicks that a website acquired along with a few other informative aspects of them. Any prominent SEO institute Kerala has can help you understand the ways to find information on this topic.

Call details

When a person searches for anything in a location, there is a chance he calls the business that he found nearby and the best. Your SEO report can be incorporated with the number of total calls and the value-added to the company through all those calls.


If you offer items on the company site, it is rather possible that visitors may purchase any of those items. Relying on where the user comes from, what gadget they're operating, the browsers or applications they're using, and other factors, this income is ascribed to either direct and organic routes.

We want to be able to trace any money to our efforts as we're in the industry of providing local SEO services for the client.

Overall business interaction data

Every move made by a visitor through the website or any internet profile of the business has great value. This data includes everything starting calls, messages, booking, website clicks, and more. An insight incorporated with all these details will help to have an overall understanding of the SEO performance.

A comparison of the previous interaction demographic with the newly increased one can increase the confidence of the client in your SEO strategies. Always specify the reasons for calls made to the business by any of the visitors.

Effective SEO strategies are important to rank any website and only an expert team pulls off such a thing effortlessly. UBL Academy is a major digital marketing institute Kochi offers for you where you can study every aspect of digital marketing and effective strategies from a professional team.