Tips to land your first digital marketing job

Tips to land your first digital marketing job

Tips to land your first digital marketing job

Job hunting for the first time? So you have recently got qualified from some digital marketing institute in Kerala and are looking to land your first job.

Landing your first digital marketing job can be hard if you are not sure about where to look.  Of course, every decent agency or company is looking for someone with experience. So how do you think a fresher can get ahead in the game?

 Here are 11 tips to help you find your first digital marketing job

1.      Learn as much as you can

The first step to acquiring a job is to learn everything you can about the digital marketing industry. Freshers must have a good amount of expertise in basic digital marketing techniques as digital marketing practices are constantly evolving. The algorithms are changing and so are the trends. Fresh marketers need to keep up with the new trends and figure out what works currently. You can learn digital marketing in Kochi  and gear up on the industry experience with UBL academy.

2.     Broadening your network

Try to expand your network on social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook etc. You have the opportunity to meet a lot of people who are already thriving in the digital marketing sphere. Meaningful connections in social media platforms can help you build your own profile. As a marketer, this can make it easier for you to grab your first job with a company. You can search your LinkedIn contacts to find the best connections that can get you more exposure in this field.

3.     Gaining experience from non-profit work

One of the best ways to gain experience in the digital marketing field is to offer your service to someone who needs it -without an invoice of course. Non-profits can benefit you, in the long run, with valuable industry experience. This can also help in your job hunt as you can learn plenty of things while stretching your hand out for a good cause.

4.     Learn the technical side

Every marketer should have a basic knowledge of technical SEO tools like Google Analytics and Google AdWords. One of the best things you can do as a budding digital marketer is to gain technical digital marketing expertise. You can find plenty of online courses and certifications that teaches online tools like Google Analytics. You can also find a training module that helps you expand your knowledge

5.      Freelancing

 Before you set forward for job hunting you can try working as a freelancer. You can take up manageable projects that can be started slowly and learn through working. There are plenty of online platforms that offer work opportunities to freelancers looking for jobs in any niche.

6.     A blog

A blog is a great way to build your reputation as an authentic digital marketer. You can start a blog and write about topics related to digital marketing or any other subcategories. Having your own personal blog can benefit you in more than one way. It can also be used as a source of passive income. The researches for blogs will help you learn more stuff and keep up with the newest trends. At the time of job search, your blog can be a real golden chip on your shoulder even if it is on an intermediate stage of popularity.

7.     Get certified from a top institution

What is the number one thing that makes you worthy of any profession? Getting certified,  of course. You can get certified in digital marketing from any digital marketing institute in Kerala. There are plenty of institutes to learn digital marketing in Kochi. But leading institutes like UBL academy can offer in-house training and industry exposure as a part of academics.

8.     Pursue any subdomain

While a broader idea about digital marketing is a good place to start, never stick with it for a long time. Instead, move onto any subdomain of digital marketing and create your niche.  It will be great if you can focus on any one thing about digital marketing and become really good at that. Companies tend to trust someone who is good at one particular thing rather than someone who can gloat about how good they are at multitasking. Getting specialised in one thing can increase your appearance of authenticity and improve your chance of getting hired. This will also help you learn that particular skill super-fast and super deep, eventually making you a real pro at it.

9.     Get confident

The only way to get confident in your digital marketing skill is to become good at them. This is why you should know what you are doing all the time. Knowledge from the institute can only be the tip of the iceberg especially if you are diving into a dynamic field like digital marketing. You need to hone your skills and learn as much as you can. You should take up any chance of industry exposure no matter how insecure you feel about it. Fresher marketers can feel a little shy and intimidated with their first marketing projects but that bandage-step is necessary to gain some valuable expertise for the future.

10.    Understand your skills and strengths

Just as confidence is important, overconfidence about your skills can lead you on the wrong path. A true professional would always know what he can and cannot do. This is where most freshers go wrong, thinking everything will be easy as they LOOK easy. Understanding and labelling one’s own skillset is a natural thing that happens as you expand your knowledge. As a digital marketer, you should know what you are good at and what you need expertise with. Thinking you can single-handedly take on everything is a dumb idea.

11.   Prepare

The most crucial step for landing any job is getting prepared for it. Preparation is the key to success and that holds for any career, not just digital marketing. Before you go for a digital marketing interview, teach yourself the basic digital marketing knowledge, the company requirements and have a clear idea about what you can offer to your potential employers.


Landing your first digital marketing job can look hard and intimidate you at first. But if you are certified from a good digital marketing institute in Kerala and have attained a decent amount of knowledge about digital marketing, getting hired can become quite easy.