The new Facebook interface update What you need to know

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The new Facebook interface update What you need to know

Psssttt!   Did you hear about the new Facebook interface update? No?

Facebook is an integral marketing media for those who are specialized in social media marketing serving as the biggest digital marketing platform that can reach billions of audiences. If your business relies on Facebook marketing or if you use Facebook as an important digital marketing tool, then you might not want to miss this recent update.

What is New Facebook?

 With a fresher, cleaner design the new Facebook interface will give us a smoother and better redesign for Facebook.

The new Facebook interface offers larger importance to groups and events. The new update will give you an easier option to access the website’s home, groups, market place, etc. New Facebook also has a basic, whiter look with an option to go to dark mode. It is also said to offer a faster loading time and bigger texts. Social media marketers and various digital marketing institutes in Kochi claim that the new Facebook update certainly looks aesthetically good.


Behold a more visually pleasing Facebook!

Facebook’s design just got cleaner and brighter. The new design is meant to give a modern look for future user generations and has apparently succeeded in doing so.

Dark Mode

If you are not a fan of the brighter displays, you will definitely enjoy Facebook’s new dark mode option. Facebook has eventually decided to introduce its own dark mode feature which will allow a cooler visual option to the users.

In the mobile version, Facebook has removed its signature blue tone to accommodate the dark mode. The user can also enable dark mode through the toggle switch on the settings menu.

News feed

The news feed of Facebook has undergone significant changes in the new update. The importance of a general news feed is diminished as the feed is prioritized for content related to your friends, family, and social circle. You can get status updates from press imagery. Finding new groups is also easier now as the groups tab is now more flexible.

You can find more connections at places like Facebook watch or marketplace. There are also several new features that got enhanced to improve user experience.

Enabling new interface

Log into your Facebook, go to the top right corner of the interface and press the down arrow. You can select “switch to the new Facebook option” from there. If you are using and Android or iOS, you might need the latest version of the Facebook app for updating the interface.

To sum it up:

Facebook’s new update has certainly modernized the old Facebook interface and if you are a social media marketer, you should be paying attention to these changes. The digital marketing and social media marketing courses in Kerala supplements the need to keep an eye out for the latest social media changes.

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