The Difference between LinkedIn Posts vs LinkedIn pulse


The Difference between LinkedIn Posts vs LinkedIn pulse

LinkedIn has made significant transformations during the past few months. Its basic layout has been changed. These changes were made to make it more user-friendly and recognisable. It is good to know the difference between a LinkedIn update and a LinkedIn article if you are the one who posts your blog content among your colleagues or clients. Google AdWords training in Kochi is provided to those looking for a career change.

What are the major differences between LinkedIn Posts and LinkedIn update?

LinkedIn pulse was the publishing platform of LinkedIn. Posting a long content blog is still done in this. The only difference is that a post is now called an article. What you have to do is log in to your LinkedIn account and then go to the Home tab. You will see three window options. The first one is:-

Share an article, photo or update

Here, the keyword used is 'share'. If you want to share a blog or article from some other website you can use share and also to share your blogs. If you are someone who writes up your ideas or quotes, then also you can use this function just to send a message without a link. Here adding the spaces you can include only 600 characters. LinkedIn has also changed the method in which images are displayed. For updates, only thumbnail-sized images were used. To make it even bigger full-sized images are used now. There are so many online social media marketing course in Kerala.

Sharing a photo

Now you can upload a photo with this function and not using a link. There is also an option to make your update appear in the LinkedIn group newsfeed, you are a member of. For most of the businesses, the business development tool is of great significance.

Writing an article

Previously referred to as 'publish a post'. In LinkedIn, your blog will be now referred to as an 'article'. You can use this function to repurpose your blog content from your site and get more views through LinkedIn. This makes it more user-friendly. The article layout has also changed in function. Before you can upload only one image in a post but now you can add more than one image. We also provide web design and web development courses in Kochi.

Adding the tags

The algorithm which is used by Google is used by LinkedIn. This algorithm is used to rank and to post the most significant blogs to the users. If you want your content to be recognised outside your LinkedIn community, then you must give appropriate tags. Before at the bottom of your article, you had a field to include tags. Now you can add all your tags after a pop-up box appears and once you click Publish.


You can post an image on its own using this function. This can create some chaos for you. As mentioned in the before functions about sharing an image and then a separate one for the image. For sharing an image, you can use any of these functions.