SEO as a career in India: Scope of SEO in India


SEO as a career in India: Scope of SEO in India

The rising use of internet applications has opened up new job opportunities for young people all around the world. Regardless of whether a candidate is a fresher or a seasoned expert, these new job profiles assist in a stronger professional future as well as attractive incentives. Students in Kerala are looking forward to a brighter future in SEO job roles. And they are in luck too! Many institutes in Kerala like UBL academy offer excellent SEO training in Kochi.


One of these job profiles is that of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialist. The majority of people across the world utilize search engines like Google to get answers to their questions. SEO is a digital marketing approach that aids in the better optimization of a website and its placement at the top of the search results for relevant queries.

On-site content and web page optimization, as well as website backlink optimization, are all examples of optimization. SEO not only seeks to improve website rankings and increase quality traffic, but it also aids in the development of brand awareness in the online world.

According to several recent research, SEO will be a crucial marketing strategy for generating leads and obtaining new consumers. It has compelled nearly every firm to raise their SEO spending, resulting in a surge in the need for SEO specialists in India. Because of the rising need for SEO specialists, graduates and web designers have been obliged to learn SEO in order to further their careers.

There are several reasons to choose SEO as a career. The money is good, the job is fulfilling and there is an enormous amount of opportunities waiting in companies all over India.

Qualifications for an SEO career

In order to work as an SEO in a respectable firm, you must have a bachelor's degree or a digital marketing diploma. In most situations, though, you don't need a degree or higher learning to work in SEO because it's a job that demands a varied skill set that can't be defined by standard exams.

Skillsets for an SEO career

The following skillset is ideal for someone who is looking for a career in SEO. Institutes that offer SEO training course in Kerala employs expert trainers that can cultivate these skillsets in students

  • HTML and CSS skills are required.
  • A thorough understanding of how search engines like Google function
  • Analytical and logical abilities
  • A strong ability to communicate through writing
  • A working understanding of picture and video editing
  • A basic understanding of how to make presentations and reports
  • A thorough understanding of social networking platforms


 A fundamental grasp of user experience and consumer behaviour are also desirable qualities for a good SEO expert.

SEO job roles

  1. SEO analyst

An SEO analyst is generally skilled in conducting keyword research and determining the most popular terms in the market. They are always working to generate useful and high-quality material for the website that is easily accessible to both users and search engines. In order to rank and perform better, SEO Analysts must also improve landing pages for both users and search engines.

  1. SEO manager

An SEO Manager is in charge of organizing and implementing customers' SEO and SEM strategies. They handle offshore and onsite optimization initiatives while also overseeing and coordinating with the content, design, social networking sites, and marketing departments. In India, SEO Managers earn the highest SEO pay. The SEO manager is in charge of coordinating on-page and off-page optimization activities. With the aid of his team of SEO professionals, the SEO manager creates and implements an SEO strategy. He or she should also have a basic understanding of web design and development.

  1. SEO consultant

An SEO Consultant is responsible for developing, implementing, and managing a company's or client's complete SEO strategy. They are responsible for a variety of tasks, including website optimization, content strategy planning, online marketing, analytics, backlinks, and keyword strategy development, to name a few. SEO consultants aren't like ordinary workers; they're more like a company's third-party adviser. The SEO consultant should have experience working on a variety of projects and be well-versed in a variety of SEO tools and scenarios in order to provide effective answers to the company's problems.

Scope of SEO in India

In India, the scope of SEO is quite vast, and it has a very promising future. According to the latest news reports, digital marketing fields such as SEO, social media, and analytics would generate more than 1.5 million employments with salaries ranging from Rs 4.5 to Rs 5.5 lakh by 2016 and beyond.

India is currently the world's fastest-expanding economy, with a promising future in terms of job creation and corporate expansion. Companies are finally understanding the value of SEOs in their businesses and how these specialists can help them make better decisions.

The future of search is unclear and developing at a quick pace. According to Google, more searches are conducted on mobile devices than on PCs. Businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition on the web and need organic search focus and placement can't overlook the necessity of SEOs since they're the experts with the expertise and knowledge to help them reach their objectives.

Today, SEO has surfaced as a hot job option, with demand for SEO specialists expanding as digital awareness, online sales, and internet and mobile users in India rise.

SEO is not just a career choice; it is a must-have talent that will help you advance in your Digital Marketing profession. SEO is a type of digital marketing that is quickly gaining popularity in India. If you're interested in marketing, webpages, writing, blogging, analytics, and learning new skills, studying SEO is an excellent place to start.

SEO career path in India

With a reputable digital marketing business, you may start your career as an SEO trainee or Jr. SEO executive. Improve your SEO abilities by practising and learning advanced SEO strategies. After that, you can work your way up to SEO executive, SEO Manager, or team leader. You can also specialize in backlink development or content creation. You may improve your abilities in analytics, PPC, and other areas.

You may also get Google certified by learning Google Analytics and Google AdWords. This will help you advance in your job and make more money.

Aspiring youngsters in Kerala can start their SEO career journey by enrolling on a good institute that offers SEO training in Kochi. Institutes like UBL academy provide comprehensive training and placement assistance along with offering the best SEO training course in Kerala.