SEO training in Kochi is rising on demand as more youngsters are choosing SEO as a career choice. SEO or search engine optimisation is the techniques and strategies involved in improving the visibility of a web page in search engines. Search engines display a list of links and web pages when someone makes a query about something. Your sales conversions directly depend on how well you rank in these search results. SEO helps to fetch a better position for your website page in these search results. The more visibility you enjoy the more is your chance of making conversions.

Search engines use bots to crawl through pages they find on the internet and rank them according to their relevancy. That ranking is done based on the particular search algorithms which, in most cases give priority to user requirements and user experiences. If your web page is sufficiently SEO optimised, the crawlers will give you a better score based on which you will be placed in the search results.

The success of SEO strategies depends on how well we analyse and adapt to search engine algorithms. Search engine giants like Google are constantly changing the way they index web pages. So it is essential to keep up with them or you will be dragged down to the bottom of search results where apparently no one can find you. The crawlers are looking for results that give the searcher a better user experience. Naturally, a huge chunk of SEO tactics is steered in the direction of providing a quality user experience.



An SEO analyst is responsible for handling all SEO activities such as content strategy, link building and keyword researches to increase rankings of products and brands they promote. He/she is primarily responsible for implementing social media strategies across search networks. They also manage all SEM campaigns and PPCs. It is the responsibility of the SEO analyst to understand client requirements and transforming them into executable marketing strategies. You can become a skilled SEO analyst by learning SEO training courses in Kochi from UBL academy.


Broadly speaking the job roles of an SEO analyst cover monitoring, analysing and updating marketing strategies in order to maximize ROI. Here are the basic obligations of an SEO expert.

·     Forming the end goals and overall game plan after effective communication with the clients

·     Perform keyword researches after studying and analysing the client objectives

·     Develop and execute content strategies that are on par with the SEO schemes

·     Provide timely recommendations

·     Advice and support content creators to come up with relevant content for social media channels

·     Execute link building campaigns

·     Keep an eye on the latest trends and changes in Google algorithms

·     Analyse the metrics and monitor the performance of each campaign

·     Making necessary changes to the current campaigns or discarding campaigns that are bringing no results

·     Manage analytics dashboards and reports and providing updates to the clients

·     Unifying and managing the SEO team for the betterment of SEO goals.



A strong passion for marketing is the prerequisite of every digital marketer regardless of the job position they are taking up. An SEO analyst must be curious about the latest search engine trends and must be creative enough to come up with effective marketing strategies. He/she should be a pro communicator and must be able to articulate what is in their mind. The organizational, analytical and project management skills are a valuable asset to the SEO analyst. The SEO analyst must also be an expert in handling analytics tools including Google analytics and popular online keyword tools. He/she must also know how to administer CMS environments.

Internet marketing requires proficiency for basic SEO talents and basic knowledge of a range of auxiliary skills. This includes a base level know-how of web development, technical SEO, graphic designing, content creation etc. An SEO analyst with the ability to identify and solve problems can also think creatively and form outstanding marketing strategies.


An entry level SEO analyst in Indian companies can earn competitive pays with performance incentives. SEO analyst with experience of 1 to 4 years can earn an average annual salary ranging from 1.8 lakhs to 2.3 lakhs. Skilled digital marketers trained from top SEO institutes in Kerala can get placed in better companies with higher pay.


SEO is undoubtedly a great career choice for 2021. With the post-pandemic world driving the need for more digital marketing, SEO analysts are in rampant demand in Kerala. Every business regardless of its size and experience is scrambling to get its names on the tops of search results. They can make use of a highly skilled SEO expert who knows how to increase the visibility of products and brands.  Every single web project needs traffic and conversions. As more and more brands are switching to digital marketing strategies, a  poorly optimized SEO web page is doomed to fail. The internet marketing world is constantly undergoing major shifts and most changes are positive to the budding digital marketer. The digital marketing industry keeps pumping out job opportunities for fresh graduates and marketing aspirants. You can easily get certified as an SEO analyst from any SEO training institute in Kerala. Those with an aptitude for promoting brands and products can easily build themselves an amazing career in digital marketing.

With lockdowns and social distancing online shopping is on the biggest rise now. People are also increasingly switching to mobile devices rather than desktops. Social media platforms and social networks are dominating the world of brand promotion. Consumers are hungry for useful content in digital channels.  The competition has risen as a consequence of the hike in opportunities. Corporates and brands surely need talented hands at their desks to take them to the top. Gone are the days when the SEO analyst can simply enter the name of your brand in a few online directories and leave it at that. Google algorithms are transforming every passing second and more importance is given to the user side.

The beauty of the marketing industry is that it requires a combination of both creative and analytical skill. So one thing is sure, the job of an SEO analyst is never boring.

If you are looking to build a career as an SEO analyst, it is time to get yourself trained with the best digital marketing course in Kochi. Get certified with the best SEO training in Kochi with UBL academy.