On page optimization techniques that Google hates


On page optimization techniques that Google hates

Looking to improve your organic ranking? Optimization techniques are the number one thing you should be looking out for. Website optimization techniques are frequently evolving and one need to be aware of the wrong practices to avoid penalizing by Google. Here are a few optimization techniques you should be staying away from.

  1. Non original content

If you have to name one thing that Google values more than anything else it is originality. Non original content is easily detected and rejected by Google algorithms that are getting smarter day by day. Producing non original content will automatically degrade your website’s credibility. Google is dead set in providing the most useful content to its users and the best way to optimize your website is creating some.

  1. Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is indeed your age old black hat SEO trick. Any amateur SEO practitioner would advise you against keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing is one sure fire way of asking for guaranteed penalizing. Let your keywords be authentic and original.Many digital marketing agencies offers the best digital marketing training in Kochi which persists on the use of white hat SEO tricks.

  1. Missing quality links

Wrong internal linking can adversely affect your website quality. Missing quality links and an unnecessary number of unnatural links will make Google rank your website lower. Internal links can either be your way up in optimization or reason for penalizing depending on how you choose to use it.

  1. Not optimizing for mobile

More and more people are switching to mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly it is already asking for failure. Not investing in a mobile optimized website will lower your chance of better ranking. Your audience expects instant and responsive results. People also need to hear about your business when they are outside or travelling or on an environment without access to a desktop. Many digital marketing training centers in Kochi offers the best SEO training courses in Kochi.

  1. Not knowing your audience

Lack of a proper SEO plan and strategy will surely reflect on your website ranking. One of the key mistakes an SEO analyzer make is pretending to know their audience. Always make proper research on audience preferences and know them at a granular level. Google crawlers are constantly evolving to bring the most useful links to their audience. The best way to impress the crawlers is to simply be what your customers are looking for.

Final words

Bad optimization techniques always has the potential to ruin your website authenticity and ranking. Avoid these bad practices and improve your chance of website visibility.