Learn Googles popular tools like Keywords Trends and Search Console


Learn Googles popular tools like Keywords Trends and Search Console

Google has been providing online content creators and marketers with new tools for making the job simple and effective. Google Trends and Search Console are two of the major tools that digital marketers use for SEO purposes. Understanding them might be difficult for some - so what? Enrolling for a successful class in any digital marketing institute Kochi offers can help you efficiently.

UBL Academy is a prominent institute in Kochi where you can learn digital marketing Kochi. Knowing deep about different Google tools like Search Console and Keyword Trends could help you rank any content on Google search pages - alongside increasing your market value. Google Trends is helpful to find how much a keyword is effective by finding out overall interest for that specific keyword among the users.

Search console - previously known as the Google Webmaster Tools is useful for almost every step in SEO-related works in marketing. Both these tools are always being updated with new features and amenities for the normal users and specialized marketing teams. Experts in the field always direct anyone interested in a secure career to learn digital marketing in Kochi. Let’s take a specific look at each of these tools for a comprehensive understanding.

Google Trends

There is a misconception over the keywords among the digital marketers, that the popularity of a keyword in Google is depended on the number of times it is being searched. Even though the popularity and the used times of a keyword are similar, they are not the same. The keyword planner tool in Google is responsible to shop the exact volume of search data. Meanwhile, you can use Google trends to know the relative popularity of the keyword.

The elimination system of Google trends assures that the same keyword is not counted over again and again while providing you with a better picture of the popularity. In the journey of making a site ranking on top on the search page of Google, Google Trends provides detailed information on what the audience is interested the most in. It comes aside from other information including linger time, internal clicks, and more.

Finding the most relevant keywords helps marketers and content creators to tailor their online content with the best SEO trends and ranking strategies. Users can get the keyword demographic of a specific time range - that includes timeframes from one week to 2004.

How to use Google Trends?

Technical forecasting, trend following, and SEO optimization can use Google Trends efficiently. The way anyone utilizes Google Trends is tailored following the goal they trying to achieve with it. For instance, using it to find the popularity of products, athletes, and advertisement ideas could be useful for businesses, social media managers, and advertisers respectively.

  • It is also possible to list the results according to the region, period, category, and more for more productive usability of the Google Trends insights. This will contribute to a better idea about - if any keyword is still trending or not. That concludes, checking the keyword demographic according to the period, region, etc. can help to achieve more effective strategies in marketing.
  • Marketing can take good advantage of different seasons in a single year. Festivals seasons will see an increase in the use of specific keywords. It is the same with several other seasonal trends. Google Trends could be used to find the seasonal ups and downs of various keywords.
  • The amount of times a keyword is being searched by the users across the region you are interested in can help to concentrate the campaigns and content marketing more on them. Search volume and being found by the users is the major backbone of any online content.
  • It is much better if you can avoid temporarily trending keywords - to eliminate the chances of your content becoming non-relevant after a while. Those temporarily trending keywords will settle your content in silence after a period for the long term. For example, the keyword Tenet was trending when the movie from Christopher Nolan came to release in theatres. It went down after a while and never came back on track due to its less relevancy.
  • Relevant trending topics and trend predictions could be used to find the best keyword for your content that too can sustain more in the future. Tailoring a keyword strategy by accompanying major upcoming events and the keywords that stayed for most of the time until the time can help the content a lot to sustain success in the future.
  • Overall, Google Trends could be used for the creation of effective SEO strategies for specific regions and trends. The same technique you implement with Google Trends will be done by other marketers. Utilizing the found keywords creatively is the only route to more user interaction with any content and keyword.

Google Search Console

Knowing what algorithm is being used by Google to rank the content uploaded online would help to make the content beneficial with those algorithms. Google Search Console - previously known as the Google Webmaster can help to have an idea about the people who visit any website and other information about the site.

  • It is a tool from Google that is diversified across several kinds of professionals. You can get an idea about what devices are used by users across the globe to search for content that your business or marketing is based on. Besides, it is possible to find, in what way - more number of users finds your website online. So that, the marketers can concentrate more on those routes and devices to increase the traffic.
  • After the registration and verification of any site on the Google Search Console, you can use various tools present inside it for the successful optimization of the website. Finding if your web pages are listed under the Google index is one thing to ensure the website is somewhere in the zone. A vast number of options are available to find any errors in the Google indexing of your website and resolve the issues.
  • The performance report is available to get an idea about the overall performance of the page alongside the average ranking position. Up to 16 months of data will be available for you through the performance reports.

Enrolling as a trainee or student to learn digital marketing in Kochi could help a lot in getting a deeper knowledge of various SEO practices and content marketing strategies using various amenities provided by Google.