How to Get Google Ads Certifications Things to Know

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How to Get Google Ads Certifications Things to Know

For marketers, Google Ads accreditation is a valuable credential. It's one of the few standardized techniques to demonstrate a specific degree of expertise or connection to a certain issue. While it isn't an exclusive badge, it does necessitate some effort in understanding the ideas or gaining expertise with Google Ads on a day-to-day basis.


What Does Google Ads Certification Entail?

Google Ads accreditation is a procedure by which Google certifies marketers as online advertising specialists. Individuals who complete Ads certification examinations receive a customized certificate and, if linked with a firm, can contribute to the organization's Google Partner credentials.

The program, like many other Google products, domains, and projects, has changed over time. The certification program used to be a stand-alone program with a fee for taking tests.

That changed with the launch of the Google Partners program, and it has since developed further with the relocation to the Google Academy for Ads in 2018, and, most recently, a rebranding to Skillshop.

However, the link with the Google Partners program, the transition to a standalone platform, and more recent modifications over the years might be perplexing for people and kids.

Over the years, the certification has become a minimum or expected prerequisite for even entry-level digital marketing institute Kochi. Even when I employ someone to go through our training program, I know they are eager to devote time and understand the necessity of taking the step of being certified.

Having that foundational level of subject matter exposure from Google is far more specific than what a school textbook can teach on how Google Ads work. Furthermore, there is a benefit in being able to connect with somebody who is already qualified.

Step 1: Create or Choose a Google Account

Begin by deciding which Google account will be used for your certification. If you work for a firm or an agency, you will almost certainly be forced to use your work email address. If you're undertaking the certification on your own, you should choose a Google account to which you want your certification to be linked both privately and publicly. This might be a Gmail or Google account that you set up and link to any personal email account.

Step 2: Begin Using Skillshop

When you've finished configuring your Google account, ensure you've signed out of any other Google accounts. When you're connected to numerous accounts, you may have confusion or login difficulties, like with certain other Google products. Go to the website while solely signing in to the account you wish to utilize for certification.

You may find the certification you wish to start with here and click on it.

Read the overview information inside the respective certification. Once you're ready to get started, click the Get Started button. You may be requested to log in once again with the Google account you have created and want to use. If this is your first visit to Skillshop, you will also be asked to agree to the terms of service.

After you've been verified, you'll be given the option of sharing your account certification status with your corporate and Google Partners accounts (more on that later). If you are not a Google Partner or are not linked with a corporation, you can skip this stage in the process by selecting "no” and moving past this step in the process.

Step 3: Exam Preparation

Google offers both basic educational information and more in-depth training resources. Google Ads certifications include the following:

  • Search
  • Display
  • Measurement
  • Video
  • Shopping advertisements
  • Apps

If you're new to Ads and certification examinations, I recommend starting with the Google Ads Search Certification. Search advertising is the most prevalent sort of ad that a firm will place. However, if you are more focused on something specific, such as shopping, begin there.

Each of these certificates has its own set of training materials. When you click on one of them, you'll be offered alternatives for getting started, such as a fast knowledge evaluation, followed by more resources.

You should budget at least a couple of hours of time to complete the training material specialty. Even if you've been managing Ads campaigns for a while or have more experience, going through the modules is still a smart idea - even if you do it at a quicker rate.

These sample questions are quite useful because they are written in the same way as the actual tests. Do not skip the training content unless you have already been certified and/or have a moderate level of Ads experience!

Step 4: Pass the Evaluation

To get certified, you must pass an assessment in one of the certification specializations. Your accreditation for that specific product focus area will subsequently be issued.

You can choose to end with one specialty or continue with other specialties until you have mastered and acquired all of those related to your desired certifications. If you're a high achiever who enjoys standardized tests, there's no reason you can't take them all.


You should be pleased with your success once you've achieved your certification.  While many recruiting managers and firms need certification, it still takes time to go through the learning materials and/or to have worked in Ads for a length of time to pass.  These can be excellent supplementary qualifications and specialties to obtain, depending on your function and career path. Now you can learn digital marketing in Kochi with UBL Academy. Contact us today to get started!