How can you easily analyze a competitors site


How can you easily analyze a competitors site

It is often important to concentrate on what you are doing and not get affected by others. To perform well this is what is needed. This is correct. But in the digital world, you should spy over your competitor's site to remain in the competition. Also, friendly-spying doesn't hurt anyone.

New concepts can be formed to try out new things, to keep your site updated and know how to steal some traffic to your site too. Without using any analyzer tool to calculate the competitor data, you can do this easily in an affordable manner. You can gain new concepts to outsmart your competitors with the simple and approachable ways provided by us below:-

What can I learn from my website competitors?

You should also decide what to learn from the competitor before deciding to open their firehose of data. So you can decide on whether to waste your time on this by comparing your site with the competitor's site and doubting yourself and falling for the trap. Many online digital marketing courses in Kerala are easy to understand and learn.

 How are my rivals found on my website?

Your rival may, however, be based near you or around the globe in several industries.

  • Start with the compilation of a list of 10 or more related websites (similar sized business and target audience). A free tool like SimilarWeb helps you to do this. Enter the URL of a rival or your own website, and then pick the "Similar Sites" options (Note that you are restricting your free edition to 10 results).
  •  Just know which websites have been most popular so far until you have a competitors list. Enter the URLs in SimilarWeb and a summary of their monthly traffic and other statistics will be given. You can also see from whence the traffic comes (e.g. social media, e-mails, search engines) and where you get references.

 Assess the content on the website

Only because a player earns a lot of visitors does not mean he won the game on the website. Often a website gets content traffic, which isn't healthy! Therefore, it is important to take care of what really is on your competitor's pages and go beyond the figures. What is their coverage information? Are the holes evident? Have they had a segment FAQ? Perhaps something obvious is lacking if they do. We can provide you with the best SEO training course in Kochi.

Study the competitor site

 And also find out their brand colours. Are they permanently using the same concept throughout or is it different every time? Maybe they are going to opt for the complex, whimsical and rare concept. By understanding your competitors brand and their site details, you can change yours accordingly or even follow with similarity. To make your site stand out and keep it updated you can add a unique logo and thus make it a professional one.

Survey social media rivals

There are several methods for monitoring social media. But be wary of pricey tech that takes too long. You should easily track them and watch what happens in their feeds for a simple rundown of the rivals' social media behaviour. Perhaps you should put your time in another social network channel if they're primarily based on Facebook. You can easily learn digital marketing in Kochi with our training.