How can the site structure impact SEO


How can the site structure impact SEO

One of the prominent bases of SEO is website optimisation which drives traffic, advantages and conversions. You cannot keep up by just having a tidy website design to be successful in your journey but your site can be affected by the manner in which the search engines crawl your site. One of the famous options is the standard flat website structure. Our digital marketing institutes in Kochi provide the most appropriate training in the digital marketing field.


The choices of an SEO professional and web designer can be extremely different because they can be varied on the principles of website design and its structure. You should be able to create equilibrium among the aesthetic side and on the structural side of the website. Thus creating search engine visibility. In the case of SEO, it is always essential to have a well-maintained site structure.

Site Crawlability

Crawlability is a very important element based on the site structure. To understand what your site is all about the search engine should be able to enter and crawl through the entire website. To get it all together you should navigate the subpages and also on the particular subjects on your website. A visitor should be carried to anywhere inside the website by a webpage. This is done to qualify as a crawlable. When crawling through a site, the search engine robot must not run into any dead points which are considered to be the vital approach of perfect site crawlability. Through our best SEO training institute Kochi, become the top trained marketers.


You should be able to connect one side of your site to another side by making an effort to include internal links among all pages. You can make use of schema markup, structured data and breadcrumb trails. You should be able to control your Google crawl budget daily.

Internal Linking

Without having any obstacles a visitor should be able to do proper website navigation according to the appropriate elements. Using navigation you have to make your website pages to the users even if you have a big website, which makes it complex.

Within three clicks you should be able to access any page according to the usability experts. But this is not a rule and only take this advice as a direction. You will be able to create a connection between the pages and the content when internal linking supports the people in finding a page and also the search engines. We provide web development courses in Kochi for beginners.


Those pages that are not linked can't be crawled by search engine bots, they find it difficult. Try to rearrange the links in a way that it can't sabotage the site structure. You can add the target keywords inside your content and later connect them to other appropriate content on your website.

Some of the advantages of using the internal linking for SEO can be:-

  • Other pages can be discovered by the search engines because of including the keywords.
  • Your page depth can be lowered by these links.
  • You can improve the user experience by making it much convenient for other people thus being able to get other contents on your website.
  • Based on the SERP rankings, more importance is given to the links by the search engines.