Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Set To Rule in 2022

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Emerging Trends in Digital Marketing Set To Rule in 2022

Digital marketing is constantly changing and growing, but 2022 is set to bring some significant changes. Businesses and brands must not only plan for but also be ready to capitalize on, the future of digital marketing. Here are the top 12 digital marketing trends to watch in 2022 and how you can take advantage of them.

1. Meta can be found everywhere.

Facebook has officially renamed itself, Meta. While naming the parent business is sensible (remember when Google became Alphabet?), the decision is what is important. Facebook is placing a large bet on the Metaverse, a term encompassing virtual and augmented reality experiences. This is a significant wager on the web's future.

2. The number of influencers continues to expand (even for B2B).

Influencer marketing is expected to reach $13.8 billion by 2021 and to continue growing. Because the influencer is promoting the product, influencer marketing automatically conveys context and relevance. B2B marketers are also continuing to embrace influencers – Adobe, SAP, GE, and PWC have all tapped into this trend.

3. Privacy is a barrier to advertising.

Modern digital advertising relies significantly on data to optimize itself automatically. New privacy rules, such as the iOS upgrade and the impending cookie removal, have reduced the amount of data utilized in artificial intelligence.

4. Marketers are becoming more strategic.

Marketers must become more strategic as automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning take away much of the hard work of digital marketing. Digital marketing alternatives are expanding all the time.

5. LinkedIn is expanding, expanding, expanding.

LinkedIn is still a rising star in the digital world. Each quarter, they see significant increases in monthly active users and platform engagement. They are also constantly introducing new features that improve the performance of companies and sites.

6. SEO is becoming less of a game and more of an integrated process.

One of the oldest and most valuable kinds of digital marketing is search engine optimization. As search engines get smarter and more contextual, marketers must focus less on SEO "hacks" and more on offering an exceptional and meaningful experience to their consumers.

7. Experiential learning is the new social currency.

Businesses continue to compete for word-of-mouth and social attention. Earned media and word-of-mouth grow increasingly essential as the advertising landscape becomes more crowded.

8. The number of digital occupations is increasing.

Digital skills are the most in-demand, according to LinkedIn. However, there is a significant skill gap between the number of enterprises looking for digital talents and the capabilities available in the market.

9. Websites are becoming quicker.

The majority of internet traffic is mobile; nevertheless, most websites still do not provide completely mobile-optimized experiences. As Google introduces Core Web Vitals site design, performance will become increasingly crucial.

10. The foundations are still the most important.

It is all too easy to become sidetracked by flashy new digital items. Marketers are always looking for new trends and ways to be on the cutting edge of new technology and platforms.

Nonetheless, the bulk of business development is still driven by the core instruments of digital marketing. Don't forget to pay attention to your foundation. Often, enhancing your core digital execution yields a higher return on investment than trying (and being sidetracked) with every new tool.

Marketing may be a difficult field to navigate, but it is crucial for business success. If you're wanting to start a new business or inject new ways to market innovation into an existing one, it's absolutely worth looking at some of these trends - as part of a customized plan.

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