Best Mailchimp Alternatives to Use for Email Marketing in 2021

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Best Mailchimp Alternatives to Use for Email Marketing in 2021

Email newsletters are a prominent marketing strategy used by marketers for about 40 years until now. Students could find the best email marketing training courses in Kochi to understand everything that works behind effective email content marketing. Whenever marketers thought of email marketing, the very first word that sprang to head was Mailchimp.

UBL Academy has an expert team in the best email marketing training courses in Kerala. You will understand more about Mailchimp when we get a little deep into email marketing. Small-to-medium enterprises, bloggers, online business owners, as well as other smaller-scale customers loved Mailchimp because of its low price and convenience of use.

Mailchimp's designs, as well as the fact that it is among the most renowned email newsletter solutions for small businesses, are just a few of the aspects that have helped it become what it is today. However, Mailchimp’s policy and price changes got several marketers with a lower budget to consider alternatives for their email marketing.

The good news is that there is a slew of excellent email marketing providers available, each with superior functionality, customer care, and business-friendly pricing. Let’s read more about email marketing, Mailchimp, and its alternatives.

Features that made Mailchimp Special

Mailchimp implemented a subscription list for their services including free, essential, standard, and premium that limited several useful features for marketers without money to spend on a special system for their email marketing.

Reasons to use Mailchimp alternatives

  • Things at MailChimp begin to pile up as quickly as you stop the premium plan. If you really want to get the most out of the email marketing efforts, Mailchimp's marketing automation options will look to be quite restricted without a premium plan.
  • Because Mailchimp maintains one list separate from the others, you can't have as much freedom, innovation, or accuracy with your complicated campaigns.
  • It's one thing to gather subscriptions; it's quite another to manage clients cater to the needs, corporations, and agreements. As you might clearly know, if you don't have a reliable solution to assist you to handle these procedures, things may rapidly get out of hand.
  • Mailchimp isn't exactly known for its data security. For instance, they abruptly stated a while back that the double opt-in function will be deactivated for all users.

Mailchimp Alternatives for efficient Email Marketing


  • Hubspot
  • MailerLite
  • Omnisend
  • AWeber


HubSpot is an email marketing solution that integrates the capabilities of CRM with marketing automation, emails, as well as a range of many other marketing tools. The available features make it possible to compare it to Mailchimp's email services.

HubSpot gives you a comprehensive picture of how current marketing strategies are influencing your consumers' engagement throughout the full consumer decision-making process. For sophisticated promotion and usability, it's a perfect alternative to Mailchimp.


MailerLite is a powerful email marketing tool that is a perfect alternative to Mailchimp. It includes a user-friendly email editor as well as pre-made email newsletter templates for various campaigns.

To collect leads, you may utilize landing pages, popups, or integrated registration forms. They provide a plethora of customization choices and templates to assist you in achieving your goals. It has advanced email automation, segmentation, and personalization capabilities, allowing you to target the appropriate individuals at the right time.


Omnisend is an inter-marketing automation software with a strong emphasis on emailing functionalities. You may also generate Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp messages, as well as SMS text messages, online push alerts, and other types of notifications. Several other features including templates, landing page builder, and more are available in Omnisend.


AWeber will allow your company to develop and tailor your email marketing campaigns, allowing you to reach the exact demographic you need every session. Its one-of-a-kind combination of features will assist you in developing long-term connections with clients and leads while also increasing conversion.

Choosing the best Email marketing tool

There are these mentioned and various other Mailchimp alternatives available and they are not so hard to find out. You can learn the effective use of these tools by enrolling as a student in online email marketing training courses in Kerala that offers a lot of courses at affordable price. UBL Academy has an expert team in all kinds of digital marketing through which anyone could understand every aspect of email marketing and the best tools to do that.