A powerful tool to use :Live Blog Posting Schema


A powerful tool to use :Live Blog Posting Schema

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By making use of the schema type called Live blog posting, most of the sites used this for competitor research and much more. This made us want to know more about the schema type and also how this structured data is been used by different sites and its effect on the top stories visibility. So let us discuss about the findings and conclusions we have made about the schema type. You can avail some of the best email marketing training courses in Kochi.

Getting in Google's top stories became a priority with a Live blog posting schema where the most appropriate sites are selected. These sites will be posting on the news coverage mainly forming the publishers.

Why non-publisher sites should still care

You can get exciting content by continuing to read this section even though your site may not be eligible for top stories result. Learn online social media marketing courses with certificates in Kochi.

 If Google lists products that are regularly updated and offer rich content, this will indicate that Google is seeking to boost the indexation of more real-time content. This organized data will help Google plug a void in terms of supplying its customers with real-time results.

What is the LiveBlogPosting schema?

The schema type LiveBlogPosting consists of structured data that enables you to transmit to search engines to modify your content in actual time This offers contextual clues for search engines that the website receives regular notifications for a certain amount of time.


The structured data LiveBlogPosting is contained in schema.org as an "Article" subtype structured information. The official website description states that it says: "A blog post to provide a rolling textual coverage by continuing updates of a case."

Why is it necessary for this structured data?

So now you might be wondering, why does this scheme really matter? I sure have no money to have an editor post updates to a piece of material continuously all day long. Opt for web development courses in India at an affordable range.

We also directly followed Google's use for publishers with this organized data. Stories of this organized data form seem to be dramatically better in SERPs, and for big events, we can see publishers using them actively.

As an SEO, you might not be able to know what kind of approaches you have to follow. It can be a different experience for each one. Through this article, you were able to understand the future of algorithm and also the top stories algorithm too.