7 latest social media trends that social media marketers should keep note of


7 latest social media trends that social media marketers should keep note of

Social media has been the flag bearer of revolution in new age marketing and branding. There is no doubt that social media is one of the most important tools of modern digital marketing. Of course, marketing through social media not only requires you to adapt to new trends but a need to maintain a consistent presence in the online platforms, like forever. Knowing the latest trends in social media can give you a head start while stepping into the world of digital marketing. The institutors that provide the best digital marketing training in Kochi teach on the need to keep up with social media trends.

Here is a list of the latest social media trends for those who wish to step into the world of social media marketing.

1.    Live streams
As the pandemic hit the globe and people were forced to isolate themselves, social media trends witnessed many radical changes. As businesses were compelled to work from homes, zoom meetings took over office meetings and live streams started growing in importance. Social distancing is the new norm and there is no other way to acclimate with it other than live streams. Social media giants like Facebook has upgraded their live streaming features as the view stats jumped three times in the lockdown period. This was even more evident in places that are covid hotspots.
Latest surveys point out that roughly 50% of the consumers want live videos from brands. Live tutorials are an instant hit on internet as live stories on Instagram and TikTok keep inviting audience.

2.    Virtual reality
Social media experts were already predicting the rise of virtual reality at the start of 2020. Pandemic and lockdown have not done much damage to that prediction, as virtual reality is slowly on the mainstream right now. As social distancing robbed people of the opportunities to interact face-to-face, many believe that virtual reality (VR) can be an effective replacement for it. Virtual reality can offer you the most immersive interacting experience with friends, family, colleagues, and even long-distance clients. Social media platforms have begun efforts to incorporate more virtual reality into their feature sets. Many social media experts believe that Facebook will be on the frontline of such exertions. 
The social media marketing courses in Kerala include basic programs on virtual reality.

3.    Videos 
Video content is the most trending content format in social media right now. Most small businesses and emerging brands have started to make use of videos to promote themselves. Social media platforms like TikTok are competing with larger video-sharing players like YouTube. Live videos in TikTok are slowly gaining in popularity. Tutorials, testimonials, and product reviews are strong in demand. All kinds of video content are drawing in viewers from across the world making it increasingly beneficial for companies and brands to spend more money on high-quality videos. The topic of creating and sharing video content is covered in most social media marketing courses in Kerala.

4.    Easy shopping
As pandemics put a halt on the shopping practices of citizens, there is a greater chance of online shopping expanding more. The number of online shoppers and e-commerce sites has grown double-fold since the inception of the pandemic. Naturally, brands have started to make new strategies to improve the online shopping experience and make it easy for the customers. The competition in this department is also on a high rise. Facebook has published a study recently talking about the changing consumer behavior in modern times and how brands need to adapt to face the surging competition. More features and tools that promise a simplified user experience is on the market now. Companies are constantly on the hunt for business ideas that increases customer loyalties and make them come back for more. Brands have also started to invest on customer relationships as these have many long-term benefits. Buying and selling online will continue to be easier in the future as more storefronts will rise on social media platforms.

5.    Crisis support
As the world got engulfed in the pandemic crisis, support-driven campaigns also took center stage. People who genuinely wanted to reach out and help others in need used social media as a tool for doing so. These campaigns drew in a good number of audiences and encouraged the initiation of more such campaigns. Of course, this also opened a door for brands to take part actively in such efforts and contribute to society. Such genuine campaigns help build trust in brands, in addition to filling the gap of social responsibility. Crisis support campaigns will continue to be a major part of social media at least until the covid situation subsides.

6.    Communities
Investing in communities is another way brands prove that they care about people. Inclusion of communities can help increase brand popularity. One of the major shifts in social media recently was the advent of such communities. This could be a group of people who believe in anything- an idea, a celebrity figure, a place or simply someone who follows a specific type of content. Community marketing offers plenty of opportunities for brands to infiltrate them and contribute to them in a way of forming productive connections with customers. Nearly everyone who uses social media platforms has started labeling themselves one way or another and there are plenty of community options for everyone to choose from. Many think that this trend is the natural consequence of social media influence strengthening itself and started resembling the real society.

7.    Authenticity counts
The old marketing efforts of blasting people with direct sales slogans have hidden into oblivion. With the increasing number of brands and competitions, authenticity in marketing now counts more than ever. People want the brands to be real on social media. Brands have started to reach out to customers in need. Post-sales engagement is on-trend now. Companies and brands have also started to freely engaging with customers online. Social media influencers are growing in power now as they can put out more authenticity through content. Brands have started to collaborate with top social media influencers to improve their online presence.
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