6 Job positions every digital marketing company needs

Job positions every digital marketing company needs

6 Job positions every digital marketing company needs

Digital marketing has evolved into a significant field of internet marketing. If you are looking to build a career in digital marketing, there are tons of different options available for you. Top digital marketing institutes in Kerala like UBL academy offers diverse options in digital marketing. This particular field of marketing offers a varied number of job positions depending on your skill set and aptitude. Whether you are proficient in the business end of the spectrum or really good at tech, digital marketing has an enormous number of opportunities for you.

There are several career and job positions that are in demand for digital marketing companies. Let’s take a look at some of the inevitable job positions every digital company needs.

1. SEO specialist

SEO is an integral part of every digital marketing strategy. Search engine optimisation refers to the strategies and methodologies that help a website or web page to rank high in search results. If you are experienced and good at forming SEO techniques that are adaptable with the fluctuating search engine algorithms, consider yourself a worthy SEO expert. 

2. Content managers

Content strategist plays a crucial part in any digital marketing firm. Its upto the content managers to plan and create relevant content that help with driving more traffic to a website or webpage. But a content strategist’s job doesn’t end there. He/she is responsible for organising and strategizing content in a way that helps with SEO. They are also in charge of managing the content writer team, supervising social media channels and maintaining editorial calendars.

3. Content writer

Are you a passionate writer? A content creator/writer is responsible for creating engaging and SEO-friendly content that can draw an audience. To be a content writer you not only need to be a good writer. Depending on who you are writing for, you need to be a skilled marketer and should be good at SEO. A content writer’s job is also highly flexible in the sense that they are required to create different types of content for various client needs.

4. UX Designer

User experience designers are responsible for development of websites and applications. They should be proficient with the design end of the spectrum. If you are naturally creative and have in-depth technical knowledge in designing, congratulations! Because every digital marketing firm needs good designers.

5. Social media manager

Everyone is on social media these days and if your company is not leveraging that, they are doing something gravely wrong. The duty of an SEM specialist is to oversee all the activities related to social media marketing. If you are a social media marketing expert, it is your responsibility to successfully run different social media platforms and engage with audiences. You must be able to market your brand across and build more brand awareness. Depending on the company and clients, you may be required to run different types of social media platforms. 

6. SEM specialist

Search engine marketing refers to the practise of efficiently using search engines for advertising a brand or business. As an SEM specialist, you will be responsible for improving the ranking of a website through both paid and organic means. You will be responsible for testing and managing all pay-per-clicks and advertisements. An SEM specialist is also responsible for running various marketing campaigns according to client requirements.

No matter what your area of expertise is, digital marketing is one of those rare fields which requires and accommodates both technical and creative skill sets. Whatever career position you are looking for, an aptitude in marketing is a primary requirement for DM jobs.

Why you should choose digital marketing as a career in 2021

Everything you see that promotes anything, it might be an idea or a product, is the work of a digital marketer. The platforms on the internet are also increasing in number so the choice of spaces for companies to promote their product. Becoming a digital marketer in 2021 is a much better option for a career than many career fields listed on top of the list. Getting enrolled in a digital marketing institute in Kerala is the first thing to do if you are ready to utilize the abilities of your creative mind to promote businesses.


The demand for digital marketers including SEO specialists, content writers, designers, etc. is being increased every day. The overall availability of experts in this field is very few compared to the demand. Digital marketing companies themselves are trying to find marketers to join their teams.

More Money

The roles you can select in the digital marketing field are vast and each of them has a different payment level. Anyone can choose what the best is for them and get enough or more with a career in digital marketing.

It is never late to start

All career options have some requirements and periods to complete before entering into a professional career. Here in digital marketing, it is never too late to chase your dreams of becoming any level of expertise in the field. All you need is basic knowledge from a course which you can get from a reputed digital marketing institute Kochi has like UBL Academy. 


All career options other than digital marketing have a limit to which you can apply, but anyone can improve their skill and work between different sections of digital marketing without getting a big mess. It is a mixture of technical and creative mind-sets. The technical side is used to make anything visible to the audience and the creative side has the responsibility to keep the audience on the topic with great content.

How to choose the best digital marketing institute

Choosing the best institute to complete a digital marketing course is important to make good relations in the field alongside getting enough and more from this field. Reputed institutes like UBL offer the best digital marketing training in Kochi with all the top courses related to digital marketing. You need to check if an institute has training for every major classification in digital marketing.

Then consider the buck you pay for and compare it with how affordable or valuable is it from any other courses you have seen or experienced. Another way of knowing the best digital marketing course is to ask other people who complete their course from that institute.